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more rapid than in healthy children. Children thus afflicted
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punctures are made in the arm with a rude lancet and the
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deed effected a cure f but this is a very different affair
the aqueduct of Sylvius to a point beneath the testes. In these
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intelligently still less to experiment with them. It Is
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TNT acts on the blood changing the hemoglobin into a mixture
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siolog and pathology. It appears now to be a radical error
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remedy is deserving of a trial. Unlike creosote itself the carbonate is not
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culosis. To sum up whether it be a question of circumscribed gummatous
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inherent in the method employed but wholly upon extraneous con
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In well marked cases in which two or three varieties are present
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important structures in this region I wish to emphasize a few
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close observer. A few cattle have died of ordinary diseases. Some little cholera
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ordinary fat al dose of virulent blackleg material. A second
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of well marked septic peritonitis are fatal under any
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typical case and he considered from clinical evidence that the associa
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stands paramount. Among palliative measures scraping
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distinction is now abandoned as the contained fluid is the
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a perceptible difference in the winter rainfall. Southerly rain
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pubic operation however it is a very valuable procedure and
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But omitting any further details of the prevailing diseases
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For sale bj American and European Chemists and Druggists.
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caught fire and was quickly enveloped in flames and before the

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