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former there are proportioned about thirty beds each

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may again make its appearance. It is therefore most difficult to decide

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Croton Oil. Much prescribed by older practitioners as a drastic

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some peculiar operative power by which it controls counter

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herein before mentioned by the examiners approved of by the

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and the ventricles are greatly dilated. The aorta is very

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distressed the patient so long ceased at once after the

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jected either from the thoracic duct or from the skin showing clearly

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selection of one to regulate that delicate mechanism which sends

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incision would be required less blood would be lost. I am inclined to

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In Flexner and Lewis and Landsteiner and Levaditi independ

benemid generic name

means restricted to these classes. These suffer more numer

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work is still held in Belgium and women of good birth and

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and stall. The eye may show dropsical lids in kidney or liver

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monary examination revealed fine rales over the whole

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these discoveries potent agent has always been active

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eral. This information would help set the groundwork for

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forts of the citizens of New Orleans. Healthy individuals and still more the

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the practice from the employees to their families and friends as well

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often are both red and prominent at the last gasp that death

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masses may in part be determined by treating the livers of

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no special symptoms to call attention to the disease. These latent cases

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three and a half grains per day at which quantity he


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fully refrained from indulging in the convulsive ef

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of the lower jaw although apparently in no connection

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Spotted Fever bv Means of the Tick PreUminarv note. Pub.

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The fact that the original disease that of the kidneys

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gives such speedy relief as a hypodermic injection of atropomorphia.

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time also lletzius pul lished a most elaborate paper on the general

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markably well and is now to all appearance entirely

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investigations are going on while with great rapidity

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thereby. The motor power seemed fairly good. There was no sensory dis

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however move about and bestir themselves in the mass of the

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ters fluorometers osmometers and thin layer and gas chromatographic systems.

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College Hospital and the medical department of King s College.

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