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years and less than six thirteen six years and less than seven
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with the fact that the products of nitrogenous metabolism may greatly increase
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New York City between and. They belonged naturally to
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only occasionally glycosuric but later became more and more frequently
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covered that he had no tongue he stated positively also that the
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EsumMi Eau medicinale and the vinum colchici or wine of
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fte loUowed by a smaUer number of new cases heat augmented
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and rustlers have given me equally as good data upon which
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cardial and peritoneal cavities. Inoculations with this effusion caused
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lation maceration and by solution and dilution are the
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has been known respecting the nature of the changes which the
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Then the secretary proposed for membership the name of
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tamination and the safe disposal of human excreta has yielded a
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of handling and nicety of portrayal the paper on The
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necessary quantity of this material. To take only jusl
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boneset or hemlock tea and every four hours or oftener if
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quently I think from direct extension of intestinal inflammation to the
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the evem ng temperature was normal. Then for six days the tempera
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Prof. Flower s researches confirmed the same extensive laceration
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locality during the latter week of March very rapidly
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in asserting that if Streptococcus lacticus inhabits these regions it

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