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degeneration in the posterior columns of the spinal cord. The dis

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Barbara is unsuitable in many cases owing to the prevalence of

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see the results for himself. It is argued that what is ac

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of his troops won a crushing victory and then lay down and expired.

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joins with the other members of the class in meeting the doctor

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In the earlier operations the intestine was united to the anterior

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become common to reduce its chemical relations by the addi

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garded organs were subject to morbid changes which were con

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The impressions made upon them and the answering movements

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quent but labor progressed very slowly. The scar tissue of the

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may recover from the lameness with simply an imperfect action of the

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advised that if during the course of the research she deviates from the

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the penis its progress not being in the slightest degree impeded

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mortality being particularly high. Investigation showed

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impersonation of friendship hospitality and intellectual ac

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has recorded the dissections of twelve dysenteric patients diaectioot.

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The profession at large should be sincerely grateful to Dr. Gould

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epidemic some of the patients admitted into the hospital under

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the resistance of the iliopsoas muscles and pelvic and hip ligaments.

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splints extend from the junction of the middle and upper

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same as the physiological condition. There is observed a certain amount

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ticularly relating to his early studies and to his work as

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and their friends gathered together for the purpose and

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class but did not consider it to be one of locomotor

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pear from the urine in extensive pneumonic consolidations to reappear

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pathological changes and their intimate bearings upon symptoms and

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connective tissue containing a serous infiltration. There is

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cur in the young and sanguine these usually attack adults and the

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one of the patches of hard black skin on the neck showed much

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The mother stated that at seven months of age the patient suffered

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of the disorder and full reports of over one hundred cases its

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recorded. Only three of the ten recovered two after laparotomy with

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depth of color desired and boil again until it suits adding

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is here freely quoted. Clinical forms Localized malignant tume

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relieves pain and keeps the unusual weight from dragging upon the

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wound. The child died eight liours after an operative

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serum intended for therapeutic use when tested and compared with the stand

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although the animal is in wry good condilion. Instead of escaping

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occasionally after rising or other change of position a metallic

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buried for twelve years and their culture was as virulent as that from

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