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Toronto and Dr. Smith of Quebec were elected as members

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after the attack at which time he presented the following

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stead of the life and glossiness it diff uses in a state of

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he has totally abstained a month before and during the

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The treatment is mainly electrical and consists of sys

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place to cells of another and different character. I thitdc if I may

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and College of Medicine and Surgery of the Columbia College

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iron or earthen vessel and place in the bottom of it

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several ounces being left in the belly when the abdominal incision was

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the great trochanter is somewhat higher than normal Bryant s

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Articles of clothing contaminated by discharges etc. from pa

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sis rests I will first notice some of the prominent

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the Sootbern Hospital. The o gt eratton was attended with considerable

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and agreeable manners won for him a host of patients and friends. He

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taminated with much foreign matter. This residue is to be

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ing about three days when the apex of the cone drops in due

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time we were at sea which was nearly seventeen weeks

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the point of infection mostly the lips nostrils or front extrem

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mercantile firm that sails in rough water for years.

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observation in which the diagnosis had been concurred in by Drs. Janeway

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savage the voluptu.iry and the philosopher they form a subject of

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ing territorial acquisitions in and about the equator

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the other end of the springy just back of the front pad. The

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be passed the case was not suitable for delivery per vias naturales.

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a second case operated upon by Dr. Frank Hartley of the Xew York

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intention of taking enough alcohol to disturb his sobriety came to

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tract or into the veins is speedily followed by vasodilatation

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tiated. These casts are not composed of fibrin as their

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iodide alone or along with the chloride or lactate of calcium.

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urine some tenesmus after micturition and pain running down

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very numerous make the part quite black by their numbers

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