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were not formed where the paraffinated gauze had been

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cure obtained. In several cases subjected to apparently incomplete

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predispose to an attack of surgical infection. With a candor which

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the bone was then chiseled off in the following manner The liga


The rhythm in this case was well marked and characteristic and the

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nature to throw off the disease and support the animal

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similar origin occurred in the Cumberland and Westmoreland Asylum. In

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which the l rtar enetic treatment has been fwrMvercd with

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blance. I suppose it therefore probable that this last

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not rained for several weeks and the roads were very dusty

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nerve and see especially at the tuberosities if there was not some trouble.

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be considered as established that in a debilitated person when a

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having also been treated for fracture of the scapula.

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in the large majority of cases. The patient easily tires on

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not affect them and in. J solution only succeeded in destroy

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to thirty hours and are easily controlled by opiates. Subsequent

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The symptoms of arsenical poisoning are either acute or chronic.

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the latter would never give rise to any alarming phenomena. This pro

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in the Second Battalion of the Royals during my service with

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with gaogrene extending to its metacarpo phalangeal articalatioD. lo process of time the

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tin power of overcoming initial acid formation. Capaldi and Pros

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were provided with surgeons. During a battle the regimental surgeons remained on

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accompanies severe inflammatory processes in the udder. The

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The following is the treatment proposed by Bouchardat a late

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more terse and truthful explanation of what often seems

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cated symmetrically by pain upon the surface of the body. The original

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an interesting article upon this subject. After giving a short history of

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present. If mercury were used there would be much less iodide of

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The Med. Record tells us that H. Vilandt writes in the

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