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the symptoms are due to a Vivscular disturbance.such as paralysis of brain
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upon cooked potatoes shows within three or four days an amber colored
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abdominal reflexes. There is a slight reflex of defence on pinching the
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From the first the nutrition of the paralytic muscles and the
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membranes of the mouth in the recording of morning and evening
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surface nodular. Jaundice soon developed and she died on the
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current but it is only the air part of the current the
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Treatment. This consists in the relief of the distressing symptoms by
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degeneration of some of the ganglionic cells of the spinal cord in the
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ordinary blood clot. Gradual changes go on and the color becomes a
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frequently violent contortions and screaming. TJie patient
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was made. Examination of the urine made by Dr. Lynch on Sunday
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as contaminations. A large percentage of the bacterial colonies were
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pended by a peduncle and floated in the abdominal cavity adhering
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ear of which I have known an inftance or by the application
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Small local inflammations furuncles etc. should be in
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tain the state of the ducts is also inexpedient because it
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and directed laudanum injections with starch in combination with
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