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wherever it is possible muscular drill is of the greatest service at the

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undertaken as early in the course of the disease as possible.

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those remaining in permanent or winter camps notwithstanding

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without exercise. The tuberculous patient who runs a high

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well performed resulting in disease of the whole system

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instead of being in the median line in front having an anterior

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With gall stone colic there are very often fever and vomiting

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And although the injection of urea into the blood is capable of increasing

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culture has been obtained. The bacillus remains in the

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mirror a very small inverted image of the flame. If this little

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efflorescence which simulated in intensity that encountered in the initial

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recommended by several recent writers on this subject. In No.

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but also not attended with much pain or other distressing phenomena. The

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tion pneumonia as a result of hard inhalations through the mouth.

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So far as my observation goes this is the very earliest flower of

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lic substances and producing irritant effects if its fumes are

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Several series of experiments have been made to test the

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Milk is a good media for the multiplication of bacteria

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or bathed with cold perspiration and rejecting everything from his

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minutes in bladder urine and within five tnituites in

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ty against the smail pox. This is well argued. Dr Adams

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nerability. One particular class of especially vulnerable individuals whose

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Cowley Chautauqua and Elk said meeting being held at Wel

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the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid within the sheath lymphatic

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anevrysmoide irreductible de la sapbene interne au voisi

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ing checking or rendering less frequent or less severe the

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habit was so confirmed that she practised it all day and consequently was

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mental overwork in which the c ndition called Nervous Dyspepsia exists and generally

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ity of the bacteria of decomposition is in the least affected by

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cases of subacute nephritis with the classical signs and

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menagogues but which have a contrary effect in restrain

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entirely foreign from any affection of the oonsoiousaess by such

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capsuled of the same into the rectum. believe that the

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scarcely add that function and force are correspondingly

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not yet been on the CouncU. The three retiring members are

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mittees committees of the whole committees of one finance

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