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yeoman service in suppressing many insidious forms of unqualified

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state even if the constitutional tendency to the disease be

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but there were several broad oozing surfaces which could not be wholly

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and the rash might have been found more or less in enteric

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gerous pretenders to the welfare of the live stock of our land.

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opening the abdomen it was found that the patient had

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air like all other conquests has its battlefields strewn with the remains

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The sequelse of heat stroke are quite interesting and peculiar in

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some circumstances is not best but a suture placed at the angle

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faction among the Southern members because more positions were not

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the case of diphtheria antitoxin and other specific sera passive immunity

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If the animal can eat then easily digestible nutritious

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In four cases in which the patients continued to suffer

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ed termination for which the dissection does not appear to of

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progressive dementia. Prostatic Disease and Stricture. Vexation irritability

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l lt eith Hospital. Annual reports of tbe directors

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the operation is entirely unnecessary. The dangers of the operation

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line and the combustion is incomplete the spark plugs become

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larly in the Plains states are relatively high and where fooc

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convalescence sets in and the animal is ready to take exercise. Exer

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and pronounced the bone to have been falsely united. An en

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the experience of all who observe these cases that there are among them

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impossible to remove the child by the natural passages. In my life I

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removal by forceps would certainly have injured the lens. By with

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Division of the Bureau of Animal Industry secured space and called

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lation at the shoulder is to be preferred to incision

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ally thick the vessel itself was larger than is generally

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from the inhalation of half a fluidrachm and even less though this

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