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oscillatory manner about its longitudinal axis its movements being winding

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Malarial fever and consumption the doctrine of antagonism between.

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solution and resting on a bed of cotton bichloride of mercury is

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The annual public evening meeting of the Medical Society of

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demonstrate as it has almost done already that it is a

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stances. Certificates from instructors who practise any

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surgical right lower quadrant tenderness and guarding. At

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celebrated hound Master M Grath. At the post mortcra examina

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cine has there been so large an entry as during the present year.

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lation for this purpose should embody the unification of

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was a pioneer. Various methods of dealing with an undilated

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the presence of retinal exudation the case according to Foster Moore

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of these horrors and strangers have been repeatedly

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plication. The shock of the operation was increased

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enhance the danger of traumatic infection. For this rea

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When curative measures are attempted the patient will require

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Tabui n. SmiBumT or ConmoivB Ezistino at Birth in Sitbntkbn Cases Fir

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I enclose the Australian Medical Juurnal for March in

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lampooned from one end of Europe to the other and that no English

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symptoms disappear in the following order First the goitre

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Semiology That portion of medicine which treats of the signs of dis

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inoculated guinea pigs indicated by colonies counted on agar slants

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Pfeifler was obtained. Blood cultures yielded negative results and the

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sented by three types. The mildest form popularly known as a fit of

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rectum readily bring away ascarides lodged there but for any

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rested until the water has been long enough in the stomach

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insufficiency stricture of aortic orifice disease of the aortic

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nation to exert mind or body and irritable and peevish temper.

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