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with some analogies to paroxysmal tachycardia. Generally

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cavity. Dr. Lynah said he did not think the value of

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very emphatically on the necessity of carefulness in this direction.

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by pressure but will be transmitted to the air of the rubber tubes

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The pathological findings are of esnecial interest the dura

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the patient rapidly drifted into a condition of deep melan

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In these structures the degeneration is very extensive in addition

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induration. A patient in Guy s Hospital aged forty two with signs of

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the operative field during the course of the operation impossible

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rian and a liberal patron of educational and chari

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is then injected equivalent to approximately. gm. of ergot per kilo

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would seem rather premature even now to affirm that Wiley s

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say indispensable to a great many American physicians who care

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by autopsy. He included lesions of all kinds. Reference has been made

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keep out yellow fever but nothing which deserves the

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would necessarily be attended by some constitutional disorder in the

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on the one hand and to the meningococcns intracellularis on

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ing to their atomicity will enable the reader to compare the old

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eating chalk crayons or slate pencils or drinking vine

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emphasis upon the importance of the preliminary diagnosis.

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rely on his diagnosis. One of my cases was a child whose

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portion as the disease of the respiratory organs advances.

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as the meningococcus of Bonome while Jaeger and Heubner describe a diplo

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months after the operation if at all if not Avithin to Ih

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