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delusions of evil retain their own identity but assume that other people
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of evolution amongst living beings took account only of morphological
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A. K. Happersberger San Francisco Medical Department
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meninges. The vessels were dilated and the spaces around
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produced on the peristaltic action of the alimentary canal.
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surrounding tissue. Hence though the interruption of the circulation
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twenty or thirty tumblers of water a day but I cannot understand the
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water by the rectum in doses larger than those given on an
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Congenital Huntingdon s Chorea the First on Record
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seriously aggravate the condition while as T have already said the
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silver corrosive sublimate astringent salts of iron etc.
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For a few weeks after operation there was much pain and considerable
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sensory nerves and sense organs as well as the sphincters the oesophagus
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were later increased to crowns. At first tuberculin was furnished free of
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desirable that such and such a thing should be done. The
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washing him she replied The little rascal was tongue tied
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of all precautions dashes its head wildly about bellows groans and
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scars would he to inject the pigment or coloring matter into
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with green oats or wheat in consequence of the scar
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sive bilateral disease may exist without any symptoms whatever.
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between the clinical and the pathological activity in tu
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instance is emphatic in his opinion that the disease in question is tnie
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holes were drilled through it two about half an inch apart at a
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For this operation Dr Warren claims that it is generally success
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many vaunted remedies have from time to time been before the profes
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of their diameters and the estimate of the internal pressure
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proper attention or in herds where the disease has previously
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amounting to inosculations. The re establishment of the cir
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prolonged and lasting character than that produced by epinephrin.
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and energetic antisepsis of the vagina by daily douches.
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The Chairman We all agree with Dr. Wood s opinion of this
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former arrangement is much the more satisfactory it permits the use
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internal remedy he gives muriate of ammonia in ten grain doses two or
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greatly needed for the use of the veterinary section of the Ex
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ning with a general tired feeling particularly noticeable in the calves of legs
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Research A Development Division UOP Process Division tJOP Plasa
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past thirteen centuries increased in circumference nearly two

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