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advanced period of the year and the generaDy improved
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should apprehend the matter used for inoculation to have been
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tinguish the one disease from the other. In addition to the distinguish
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the chronic. Herpes was frequently seen and petechia
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as Fagge Hutchison Loomis and Strurapell to show that
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in the morning just after getting up should be care
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toms of piroplasmosis to which Italian observers have repeat
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again used. Symptoms began to improve and the danger was over in
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bility of mistake by affixing to each bottle and drawer the titles
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hemorrhages. The nerve at first swells and reddens then becomes of
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vanced consumption during the long voyage from England to
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During the present epidemic the pneumonitis was chiefly lobular.
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muscular tissue. The lumen was of varying dimensions to some three
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old and was exhibited owing to the rarity of tonsillar tumours.
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One physician finds that salol in doses of from five to ten
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is only moderately elevated as a rule and the pulse rate correspond
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etc. or otherwise Reynal. Also diffuse suppuration in the
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his leg cannot march very often he is seriously ill and
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the use of drugs in accordance with rational or em
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plans one would not wish to change them. But then the
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deficient oxygenation. The urine contains glucose and lactic acid the
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in the prevention of sunburn in the gradual removal
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foliated either wholly or in part that the exfoliation as it
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The clinical picture presented was that of a phlegmo
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does cure yet in a minority it seems to be entirely without
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may separate from the shafts. In one of my cases an old cicatrix
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regard to the prevention of diseases of this class. One very
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as tendon and bone when in close contact with them
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distribution of rooms teachers rooms corridors entrances
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dependent portions of the foetus when expelled were of a bluish

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