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and the post mortem engorgement of the kidneys were regarded

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The Department of Anthropology is now amongst the most

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causes. If there is pain upon the surface of the body not accompanied

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ing much decrease in the amount of work available for the local

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whose stomach it disagrees sufficiently to cause rejection.

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the examination as the least fright may render the abdominal muscles

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geon. Minor surgical work the treatment of fractures

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effects of the cold and interfering with the circulation by causing

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de age qui s est produite dans le canton de Liancourt.

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filled with liquor sanguinis containing some red blood cells so that

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reports the case of a girl sixteen years old with a

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done by the use of comparatively simple methods and with a

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image differs even wifh devotees. Among feebler minds

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thick white coating with enlarged papilla on the sides

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scribing the disease as known to the bulk of medical

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among civilians. During previous years an occasional

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The emotional intellectual and sexual natures are unduly

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coincide with the press conference. News Review is a

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one in which this disease proved fatal. One other case died.

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Healed Lesions. Cystic disease of one kidney practically in

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pyramidal tracts cannot be regarded as primary and if a nuclear stain

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greater delicacy of touch than the old. He stands behind the patient

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three directions a transversely the commissural fibres

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experience of Koch and of Chrabrostin is rare was said to have

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severe and prolonged spasms of the larynx. Cleveland j.

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sideration. It justifies the inclusion of the face with the parts of

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be easily and expeditiously removed. It begins with an

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exceptions not more than to mm. above the cresccntic

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IS fairly common. There is nothing peculiar in the symptoms but

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the slit lamp microscope indirect ophthalmoscope ul

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Bacteriology and Director of the Bender Hygienic Laboratory Albany

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ing one or more of the large vessels running in front of

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a state common to several distinct diseases should be qualified by

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was carried in to the anterior border of the quadratus

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outbreaks in two of the hospitals it is stated that both occurred

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terior fontanelle is not qjite closed. She looks ood

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