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The appetite is impaired from the onset while thirst on the

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two thousand years. It is the ground root of an Asian

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something to take into consideration in the trc tment

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that anaesthetic the use of which involves the fewest casualties.

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an invalid to consume large quantities of milk which

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medical service referring especially to the diseases

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intestine so that only a portion reaches the colon.

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dinated reflexes. To use the term of Sherrington if the

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ment the patient went about as usual. Another varix

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are carrying drawers upon drawers contain pills tablets

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Finally tuberculosis of the lungs is also frequently complicated

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furnaces and that there was always a cold draught from the

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choroid are for the most part polyhedral in figure generally hext

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the lungs to expand more freely and the breath became perfumed with

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expose this artery at the spot where it has been wounded.

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so arranged as to prevent as far as possible penetration of dust into

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by the touch the nature of the disease and guide the application of

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process of resorption that causes distortion segmentation

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Strain of the Heart and Great Vessels. Macmillan. The affec

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perfectly stiff and hard as cartilage. Upon section we

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Microphthalmos in ease of congenital opacity H. Grimsdale Ophth.

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On examining her early in February last I diagnosed a multilocular

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his epididymus now six or seven days after treatment shows the

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refer to the clinical features and the practical details of surgery.

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dyspnoea displacement of the heart to the right and effacement of

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which results in confirmed neurasthenia. Erichsen was inclined to

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symptom is a vague tenderness somewhere in the muscle. This may

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if we do not apply it under these conditions We all

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perfectly healthy. In most places however they pre

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fluid osmic acid and tannin. The investigation has induced me

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Clinically this group of slowly progressive carcino

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cisely the region of the parotid gland beginning immediately below and in

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neither the gall bladder nor the intrahepatic bile ducts show any trace

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is needless the details concerning which some will disagree

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increased momentum of the circulating fluid or their contraries.

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tient. The stoppage of tlie pulse followed the administration of

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tory of imperfect vision and of monocular diplopia. Inspection

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be supplied through the kindness of some of the correspond

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and acrid vaginal secretion. The resulting endometritis shows no

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