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exaggerated and that the ankle clonus is sometimes quite

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swallow this and it then must be poured through a stomach tube. When

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Therapeutic Effects on the Alimentary Canal. In the ma

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considered. It will be remembered that I described how the

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members of the family but among the friends of the family

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cautiously and in many cases persistently for a considerable period

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explanation of the fact that none of the assembly became seasick.

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This shows that coina is the commonest cause of death and that

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incision is pulled up under a little tension thus exposing the peri

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a number of interesting gross pathological specimens which he

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With a firm reliance on your industry and enterprise I

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examination which affords him this opportunity should

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importance to the parents who not only contribute to the support of the

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oxidation the body fat will be burned. Since we regard these com

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patient who was once digitalized was always easier to

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of medicated vapor are more likely to be of service.

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which correct certain meridians only the condition of astigmatism exists if

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ing several days by constitutional disturbance headache loss of appetite

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cephaloid varieties of carcinoma are encountered in the

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ACUTE DVERDOSAGE May cause nausea and withdrawal bleeding may occur in lemales

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Treatment. Forcible rupture by a blow or pressure or a.spptic puncture

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lieved the value of any drug depended upon the amount

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pathogeny of alopecia by the action of the causes ordinarily con

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will cease to have any controlling effect upon the heart

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tern aproveitado na febre amarella. Para serem em these sustentados perante a

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President Warring Kennedy Esq. Secretary Treasurer Rev.

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of these vaginal operations was the danger of encounter

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substance was found very small the spongiosa with extremely wide meshesr the

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included in the return for this district more deaths arc

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quently reduced as the amount of fluid in the tissues affects directly

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it was finally flushed with a five per cent solution of car

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gastro enteritis and relight the old flame at the lower

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These arc the cecum and ascending colon and the sig

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the general features of an epidemic before we pronounce it herpetic

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although their married life of fifty four years was much more

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the intestines or they may be absent. Amonz prominent

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sion. If well marked it indicates fibro serous fluid its

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room It was ascertained that there was not a pound of white

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that was the alacrity with which at his Dr. Eicord s call

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c.c. alcohol diluted with an equal part of water were taken either at

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electricity can be borne by the patient in the treatment of ovarian

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