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and it was covered by borated cotton over which antiseptic

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did well there was probably very little intraarticular

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further proof of the truth of Dr. Bryan s theory quoted

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chlorides would seem to go together in therapeutical

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the Dromedary in December and to the women put on board

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convention proceeded and the general standing of Association affairs

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ship with each other. All graduates of the college are

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contusions of the spinal cord. From the enzootic spinal

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ed placenta in labour producing infernal and concealed

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to supply in a considerable degree natural deficiencies in

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Salakhitdin Nazarov History student and Boris Ponomarev

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that has not yet learned to fwallow and fets it a coughing or

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influenza epidemic had already resulted in a large in

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neum produces first a local and secondarily general

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tants and must sometimes remain closed to them. It is different

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position and apply a plaster of Paris bandage. Leave the plaster

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that during this epidemic which commenced its fearful career in

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twice the next or following day. To adults I have given mins.

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According to William L. Clark who originated this method it is

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her best in the way of food liquid iugcsta blow her out like

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has passed away. Watch the other sheep to see if any o

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measures hitherto adopted have failed to secure the thor

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brandy or whiskey every second hour and often increase the dose as

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hitherto alone become familiar. We notice the absence of several familiar illus

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obtained in addition. The streptococcus isolated constantly from the

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chanical irritation or irritating or corrosive poisons in large quantities.

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use antiseptics properly and with detail. He did not

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white blood corpuscles. It is sufficient to state that

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and experience you need not loose any creature with that

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clusion par le catli terisme du boudin invaginfi sonde de

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superficial vessels of the lingual tonsils are often varicose and

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the present time is that it is due solely to disuse. Following the

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secondary drainage. I have no doubt that their example could be

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eighty five slightly tense he had slight convulsive twitches

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metritis and metritis this organ must receive the same treatment as

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organism are apparently identical with the streptococcus of

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whom Plato and Aristotle rendered all consistent by the tlieory of four

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