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times operation can be entirely avoided. In others the

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usually seen but perhaps a few words in regard to these matters

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lung has preserved its ph siological characters. Sections through

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emesis ceased skin.soon became warm and resumed its proper

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peutics by that eminent physician the late Dr. Brown Sequard which has

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in wounds etc. It checks the lymph retards the blood

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larger these secrete the fluid contents. The form of the

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slight exertion and latterly has noticed that there was some swelling of his

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of the fostus in utero admitting the head to be up viz the

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remained for Ricord to prove conclusively the difference between

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poison of typhus of malaria etc. No poison should be

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that could supplant the aseptic treatment of wounds.

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pain and often complications in the form of rheumatic fever.

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on account of the usual cedematous condition of the cervix. Ten

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had not been accumulated by any particular class it was found

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ease so caused may subside after rest the institution of a

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bounded or it may pass over into the connective tissue

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Rheumatic Fever. He uses a typhoid vaccine made from an active

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at first sight whether they are tubercular granulations or microscopic

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extraordinary degree of atheroma arid senile thickening. Not

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bottle according to the old plan and as people have been brought to

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has obtained useful results in ozaena and has given great relief in

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I want to thank the gentlemen for the discussion of this

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complicated pneumonia diarrhoea hysteria subsultus tendi

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shoulders the third hand has live tingers and a thumb the thumb

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volume of albumen. This condition had not been pre

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the protoplasm in muscle and gland cells so that its attracting

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to action by fomething external to the moving organ.

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tion by the regimental surgeon and admission to hospital

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cially is there one sign so far as I know never present

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by the classifications of Gordon and of Nicolle and his associates.

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and in some cases several small or larger growths may after

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treatment must be under the supervision of an oculist.

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ammonium sulphate until the salt has been dissolved. The mixture is boiled

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The sheet is thrown suddenly around the patient s body which it

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Mere on the turf bv a veteran turfman and a hereditary breeder Mr.

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tion written l ir I v IJ. I. Hrwctson fur intoxicating

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older drugs still held the field. Chloral sulfonal and trional appeared

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infectious exhaustive psychosis father insane prog

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vi. the force and extent to whicli tlioy can bo curatively em

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