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reduced M. Trousseau inquires by the debilitating treatment

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marts are deserted the wearied laborer has gone to his home

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during the clouding of his mind and the ideas and delusions that may

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ing the plantar fascia as far as necessary. If the patient lives far

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was that it should become a permanent institution. Subscriptions

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third dorsal spine behind with impaired resonance above these

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recapitulated the circumstances under which the Bill of was in

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pus is exposed on opening the peritoneal cavity over it it

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master found it was soluble in about twenty parts of wafer.

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some little distance from the patient while at other times such fetor cannot

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eye meanwhile for the slightest symptoms of sympathetic trouble

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lows. . gram of ier lonate is dissolved in boiling water

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any therapeutical means for influencing it but the author

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ionable practice is to ght the remains of heat till the pa

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and the medicine had ultimately to bo discontinued on account of headache.

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are in excess or badly nourished and next in the adjacent tissue

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Ein Teratom auf der Arteria pulmonalis innerhalb des

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bonic acid.should he Used. BO that the parts and the s stem

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James Herbert Mitchell M.D. Assistant Professor of Skin and Venereal

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ment by their attending physicians cannot properly be

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powerful poison the greatest care would be required in

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jects in the secondary or tertiary stage serum from heredosyphilitic

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horses and mules on their way from the great stock raising

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son Kiver where the tunnel for the Catskill aqueduct crosses. He

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classes i. The tape worms consisting of flat bodies made

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