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can commonly be felt during the attack r. hereas tlie fibrillar

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Corrigan e Button. A firing iron consisting of a but

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cause swelling of the can with decomposition and the

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confference faite X la Snciete fVancaise de.secours aux

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the blood as the muscles in action press upon their walls

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In small doses its action is that of a gastric tonic and an

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thus have happened that previous investigators have

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skin hot and dry finger nails cyanosed and mentally she was rather

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The daily amouDt the specific gravity and the relative quantity of albumen

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for drainage yet superior vestibulotomy is the preferable opera

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Prognosis. In forming a prognostic opinion the chief factor to be

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ondary symptoms are intense pain and inability to move. Consti

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eaten raw ham. Members of another family ate a small quan

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and isolated wards. Tables for minor and capital operations the

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Dr Handyside had meanwhile been engaged exclusively with

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fifth or hemoglobin and lecithin yielding group the advantage

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Human factors considerations for training astronauts to

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dice she grew worse rapidly and died in three days. No necropsy

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degree of importance and of severity in different cases. Some of its mildest

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and afterwards such antidote as the character of the poison

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tion we cannot do the same thing we know no substitute. We must

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Screw worm. Compsomyia macellaria is a fly which deposits its eggs

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to mass teaching the throngs that normally seek the opportunities of a metropolis.

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able operation and that patients are more liable to attacks after

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cases of dysentery and after experiencing at least one very

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puberty and in them the disease was milder and more

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concerned with the production of the filterable form of the spirochete

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of the plant will by destroying the vitality of the cells favor

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Orsranlzed in when the Indiana Medical College organized and the OoUege

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Secretary Committee on matters of Professional interest and Fellows shall be

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the War of the Rebellion Part IH. paragraph the fol

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STONE NELSON Connecticut College University of Maryland Hospital

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the phenomena in short were the same as those in the preced

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is a manipulation which is often of the greatest service in relieving

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It we movi the lamp I. Dearer to the ey lt the angle

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spun reasoning necessary to support his supposititious data. His

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