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of Women obtained last year by Dr. Acland was considered

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ness. The giddiness he described as coming on him all at once

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number of laborers completely invalided by their anemia and

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lemonade or cold oatmeal water with lemon and effervescent mineral

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occurs in consequence of the presence of pus or blood. A grayish

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It is thus sufficiently clear that the University Court was

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fork formed by the bifurcation of the common carotid artery.

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But the chief characteristic of this form of dysentery is the

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medicines and advertising certif yers shame on the man who

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mittee finds that there is no basis for the charges

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with the type of Landry s paralysis the lesion is a peri

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ounce frequently. The patient was referred to Dr. King in Septem

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movements in advance by placing us in better relations with

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that there was no way of relief but by their removal.

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