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been discharged well after a lapse of six months and of these a

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based upon as complete drainage as possible is thereby

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poison and an autopsy was ordered which revealed a moderately

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The inmates are generally quiet and docile being kept employed in

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Carl Cozier s opinion of the recent Washington State meeting

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long continued feeding of phosphoric acid withdrawing the lime

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middle line another incision was made low down there and

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infective germs have spread yet have themselves reacted little

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best diet in dysentery to be raw meat or meat slightly broiled

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of mercury. I would at the same time recommend the use

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reported in the Transactions of the Cambridge Philo

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Our Medical Schools. Association American Medical Col

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disease is not understood and that to be successful in the search

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proportions above mentioned may be observed. At other

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The physiological action of the drug may be described as follows

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the retina detaches a cataract forms and finally the eye softens and

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hardens into gristle the earthy matter then begins to be

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swine fever or of septicemia though he Klein had shown in that

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arrests such breeding these facts are pertinent to this discussion

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the same category as the properties of o mins. of croton oil when

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lowing speech by Professor Maclagan the chairman at the centenary of

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brew friends which was made a religious rite by Moses.

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Since our last meeting the State Society has decided to hold

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lief. At last he had settled down upon lactopeptine as the best

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case of violent neuralgia referred to a hand and arm

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An average of per cent was required to pass. Of the

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illusion that isolation is a panacea for disease is

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passed. The cricoid cartilage and the first ring of the

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coverable between the urinary anomaly and anything in the physical

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this position is comparatively rare except from con

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elevated owing to the increase in the cells in the rete mucosum they

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a greater frequency of the pulse according to its extent and if

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doing and Sir James Fitzjames Stephen imports a metaphysical distinc

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deciding such a question when the State annually lost to

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