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Professor of Diseases of Children Ohio Medical University of Columbus.
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all sources of infection while under active immunization. Their sur
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can if necessary be taken in an ounce of water with
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lent of substantially the same value is accepted. For instance the Council specifies
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of the Congress is Prof. Carlo Colombo Via Plinio Eome.
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Discussion. Should the temperature rise the respiration become
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When they begin to come to themfelves the Pulfe which was
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it should be. The following experiments show the results which may be
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sugar by the li er is regulated by the nervous system the pancreas
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for the proper application of apparatus and practical
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whom it was found impossible to give quinine in any other way.
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most active and troublesome part of the disease and may
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of lectures may be found in Mr. John Latimer s Annals chiefly
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way measures like nitrate of silver he emphatically denounces.
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Cats were given enemas of bouillon cultures of bacillus dy.senteria. Only slight
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school of medicine or of a certificate of qualification from
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do its worst. Multiplying a million a minute it was
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included some of a very serious nature as locomotor ataxy
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the first twenty four hours and in addition to the extensive involvement
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not lost flesh up to the time of his admission to the hospital.
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intestinal symptoms predominated. There was a very foul
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Magendie have indeed put the question almost entirely at rest
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evils of visits to ice cream parlors afternoon teas and taverns.
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therein and renew this application every fifteen or thirty minutes
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Dr. Pepper as Provost expressed the popular feeling
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that if it were not necessary to separate the surfaces thus adventitiously
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Garrison found in a study of cases there were females
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the investigation of this disease largely in an effort to demon
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sider it right and proper to do when they are under
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These organs are it is true useful for a short period in the
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These are the impressions transmitted from an earlier era of cranial
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is no special provision for the tuberculous they must be pro
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Medicine Psychiatry Physiology and Biophysics combined Genetics interdis lt ip
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remarks within narrow limits let me quote but three of these.
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even robust health so far as any anaemic tendency is con
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the ftomach is afFc lt fted fecondarily and thus a l
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