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produce death Yes indeed could it. Truly this little

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through the cooperative efforts of local hospitals and

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Women s Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia.

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dreads and are beset by obsessions as of impotence and the like which

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A complete demonstration of the nature of the infecting organism

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replaced but the chances are that the animal s straining will invert it

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to send an auto army to fill the gaps next spring when

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Spanish Court to Barcelona to which city it was then re

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aspect of the forearm more rarely on the corresponding part of the foot

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down. In atony which will usually exist we desire to bring

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action whether general or local. Drugs having a general action

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settled this question. Disease lay in the blood. Its hu

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vulsive and not so prolonged and the crisis subsides.

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was not expelled through the urethra he had a sensation as if

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Mercury that is from thirty to sixty drops of the Liquor Hydrargyri

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being incomplete or untrustworthy. In many cases in

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also examined for malarial plasmodia. Patients having a temperature exceed

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compared by some to that it has probably no medicinal

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ence in the great majority of cases of suspected cancer

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of the Respiratory Tract and Therapeutics. Irons and Kelly.

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chilliness and sensitiveness to cold air viz. arsenic china

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quickly that flooding of the portal circulation takes

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give the patient concave and request him to read No. XX at

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cases where at and occasionally even at years of age a

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with iodoform and five percent carbolic acid dressing.

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Much of the reputation of Dr. Physick as a practical physician

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able doubt. Various estimates are given by Mr. Ellerman from

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and inferior angle but they differ in the relative position

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able which may be of serviceable help in making a surgical

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tion of a lobe. This most serious complication is indicated by cavern

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before suddenly become dull and refused food. It moved unwillingly

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labouring under the delusion that he is fortunately as he says being

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seen much of the late effects of.syphilis but to those under

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it is attempted to estabhsh between one spout and another but to

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mare. Exploration shows pus. The abscess is evacuated of

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filled with white fibrinous clots very hard stratified adherent to

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