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quinine in any case it is probable that with hasmaturia the

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New England Company s Building Post office Square. B. F


measles and whooping cough. These cases are especially amenable

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pharmacology and biochemistry have been combined in a series

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respiration is usually shallow and hastened with slight disturbances

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these may become apparent if the animal live long enough. This form may

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heaves have never been wanting. In reviewing the history

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There are many cases with history of disturbance of digestion and

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the present time I have not the same misgivings that would

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Buccessfolly and in view of this fact special well equipped hospitals

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has groped its way from essential barbarism to humane science.

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in the meantime of want of strength and of languishing

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acute form and in most cases may fairly be termed eczema.

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Chief among the advantages of written instructions is that it saves

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chlorosis did not bear out the opinion that foremost in etiological

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nine. In effecting this he takes advantage of the action of chromic

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a Catholic who faithfully obser ed this rule within

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from there to the liver constipation was always pres

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begin with small doses and augment them as circumstances may

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again on their part result from some complicated metabolic

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terference with its functions was perceptible. From these

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These two substances should be mixed in tubs or glass vessels. The

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cirie is the question of the frequency of idiopathic peri

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request was granted and the examinations were made by

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race is preserved. In sick room phrase they act as a purge and

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spoon about two drams and a tablespoon half a fluid

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power for harm in the body except through its toxin preformed in the

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Symptoms. In the most acute cases there are practically no pro

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The Doctor claimed that the good results were greatest in early cases

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there will be found patches denuded of epithelium and

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