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tissues such as hemorrhoids rectal and anal fissures fistula. It may

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Ontario that we sympathize with the efforts they are making to

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Erysipelas is an inflammation of the skin. It usually begins with

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kinking of the ureter in cases of movable kidne nr to aberrant rem

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ture of nucleated fibres and fibro plastic elements. The only

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was removed. He was glad to see that the importance of preserving

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seems to show that leprosy may be inoculated by vaccination Brit. Med.

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there had been a previous history of hysteria the patient

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their way into the lungs by the inspiration of ejecta

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struation is disturbed and the catamenia are suppressed in a great

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removed. The raw surface was packed with iodoform gauze one end

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he would apparently be relieved through the agencies of posterior

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periods by the people of the classical period. They probably

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into the bowels with a twine loop attached with a view to satisfy

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impatient of restraint. She also said that in London

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The cause of this disease has hitherto been involved in

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dronephrosis of right kidney removed by nephrectomy

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noted. Vomiting is not rare and occurs independently both of the time

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appears to be independent of dysentery. This independence is most fre

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should be taken to overthrow the reported woik of the

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Complete recovery with relief of all symptoms followed.

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evidences of general sepsis was also a very feasible hypo

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Rapport sur I eau miu iale naturelle de trois sources fer

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passe toute la nuit dans un profond sommeil la tete recouverte

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rier which nature interposes to keep in touch with the

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he was not prepared to support one. The doctrine ot

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one to two days. At the end of this time the object

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good commencement in themical and toxicological ex

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visitor turned hastily away. When invited to join the group in

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Foot and Mouth Disease Still With Us. It would seem

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had given birth to a healthy child only a few days scarcely

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tigation fit only to amuse us by her endless frivolities others

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accidents among the industrial employees of the country and their

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fourth week of treatment betrayed no peculiar derangement of its mu

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and children and the vagina of children is in every respect a special

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lost by evaporation. If the current do not appear to be perceptibly

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