V-gel Rabbit

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copy of these resolutions to be forwarded to the president of

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be made. A bent triangular keratome is then inserted into the sclerotic at

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ceeds irregularly from the root to the body of the poly

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disease really was. Forty per cent were cases of typical varioloid.

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way of a reminder. What makes the blood thus preternaturally

v-gel rabbit

Fig.. Microscopic section of soft fil rorayoma show

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to my question as to its use only very seldom employ it

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From a second series of experiments M. Flourens concludes that

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investigations demonstrating an immune mediated sup

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the chemical optical and electrical properties of certain

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Bcar like spots or patches oflen slightly notched make their appearance.

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Having been practising medicine for some five years past

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One chapter is devoted to nitrous oxide gas its proper

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make and maintain the opening of sufficient size the motion

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so much so that he considers it deserving of special in

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evidence of the disease may be present multiplication of the

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represented by eucalyptol turpentine terebene copaiba

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of the treatment by external incision over dilatation in cases of

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already been described under the name flexor accessorius

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district we may conclude that such sporadic pustular exan

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Neurosyphilis did develop in patients who were infected before the

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flaserigen Gneis erinnern amd auf den ScMcht chen winzige Muskovite

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fe or of laryngology and Rhinoli. Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia Con

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that journal we at first regarded the matter as a practical joke.

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but disappointed in that expectation. At home we generally hear

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results although in some there had been superficial

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it will cause infantile scurvy. The same is true of Pas

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We do not think we have read with more pleasure any similar

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necrosis. The cells about the central vein disappear leaving a mass

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which tension is greatest. It occurs as an initial symp

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cerning the particular type of fever observed with unusual fre

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their botanical history possessing in common so many

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be explained how it can be possible that the infectiousness of a pasture

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same facility of producing this disease as small pox but it appears a

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