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Sherrington s expcrim.ents upon monkeys. Of untreated control
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opinion has occurred as to the proper treatment of the opium
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case of advanced peritoneal tuberculosis with pulmonary lesions. The
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A communication was received by the Convention from the
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These remarks also ap ly to those cases of complete fracture
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The well known influence of rest in the relief of pain is another
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times proved very effectual and is certainly the speediest and most effectual
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may separate from the shafts. In one of my cases an old cicatrix
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permanent Provincial Sanitary Board or board of health to which
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its use I have seen a surface glazed or oedematous rapidly take on
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being probably excreted by the kidneys. In fact he was able to
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of lupus and tuberculosis of the larynx in connection witli
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of exophthalmos may be added finally in the more severe cases. If
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The surfaces of the lungs and liver were studded with minute hard
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To the presence of the adenoids themselves are due chronic
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from certain districts without payment on a governor s letter and
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the colored troops were attacked but the proportion of remit
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forty five days after the operation and it was found that
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anemic area. In order to insure the continued exist
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I hydroceie electrolyse de I iodure de potassium action
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The intestines were matted together and easily torn. Large intes
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of the entire inhabitants dying in the city have not accu
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came Journal de m deciue v teriuaire et de zootecbnie.
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teresting cages of disease many of them incun ed through Service
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from the cavity of the uterus is also free from microorganisms and may
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except when imperatively required by the laws of the State. The
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Question. Under what circumstances and how soon after the Injury
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